About the Birth Whisperer

Cynthia Marie, PhD studied Early Childhood Education and Human Development & Psychology. She was drawn to become a doula by her own three home water births. She has a passion for the birth process and wants to support every woman in having the birth they desire with as few interventions as possible. She encourages each client’s partner to be involved as little or as much as they are comfortable with.

Cynthia Marie is honored with the privilege of being able to support each woman in her individual breastfeeding journey, no matter how long or short that may be. She successfully triandem breastfed for over four years and through two pregnancies. Giving her first hand personal experience and knowledge in addition to her lactation expertise.

In addition to her ability to utilize the Hypnobirthing Method, Cynthia is a certified American Hypnosis Association Hypnosis and Childbirth Specialist. She is one of the very few doulas able to offer and administer TheHypnoEpiduralTechnique. She is extremely effective in helping mamas overcome fear, negative images, and emotions about pregnancy, and childbirth and labor.

Cynthia specializes in and is extremely passionate about couples work. She loves to involve the partner in the most intimate and full way… providing a full birth experience for both mama and partner.

*NOTE: Virtual and distance support is AVAILABLE for all stages of pregnancy.


The Birth Whisperer provides Doula & Lactation Support during ALL STAGES: 

Conception, Prenatal, Birth and Early Postpartum


The Birth Whisperer offers support for ALL BIRTHS:

Natural/Non-Medicated/Minimal Interventions, Medicated, Augmented, VBAC, Caesarean (C-Section), Home Birth, Water Birth, HypnoBirth, HypnoEpidural, Birth Center


In addition to her Birth Doula & Lactation Support services, she offers her clients special sessions in Couple’s Birth Preparation, Childbirth Eduaction, Child Development, Reiki Energy Healing, The Fourth Trimester, The First Forty Days, Attachment Parenting, Safe Bedsharing, and Effective Child Discipline. 

HypnoEpidural, Hypnosis for a Positive Pregnancy, Hypnosis for Childbirth, and Hypnosis for Postpartum Healing sessions are available VIRTUALLY and recordings are provided and can be used throughout pregnancy, during labor, and postpartum. It also includes a recording in case of an Emergency Caesarean section. 

*NOTE: VIRTUAL and DISTANCE support is available for all stages of pregnancy and INTENSIVE and ACCELERATED sessions are available.

Clients may attend sessions with a partner or solo.


Thank you so much for visiting my website, I hope it will provide you with the resources and services you desire.

I love the Birth process and I am honored with every opportunity to support women in having the birth they choose.

I respect ALL women and their birth plans. I am available for ALL birth locations whether it be home, hospital, or birth center. I am available to support and honor ALL women, whether they birth naturally, medicated or via Caesarean Section. Every woman who wants a doula should have one.

I am passionate about birth, babies, breastfeeding and child rearing. I look forward to supporting you in your birth and beyond.


Cynthia Marie,

The Birth Whisperer aka The HypnoDoula