“My Birth Night”…a poem

The night is dark with glimmering stars,
It’s 10pm and I know exactly where my children are.

I’m inside my home with the lights dim,
On the speakers plays a soft, pleasant birthing hymn.  

I’m hydrated by coconut water,
as I envision welcoming my beautiful daughter.

My palate is sweetened with mango and chamomile tea,
My doula is present and is holding space with Reiki.

Now, my baby and I are full of feminine superpower,
as we do our work in a warm, relaxing shower.

On my birth ball, my hips move around in rotations,
as I repeat my mantra and recite my positive birth affirmations.

My midwife is there to safely guide,
and my husband and children are right by my side.

I gently transition to the warm birth tub,
as this mama bear is ready to push out her sweet baby cub.

As the night fades and transforms into day, I gently breathe in and out in a calm and controlled way.

I rest in my hubby arms, holding his hands with a squeeze, as my doula helps keep my legs wide by holding my knees.

With my chin to my chest, I bear down and push, just a few times, then I see a head and shortly after a tush.

A short little swim, then skin-to-skin.

“I love you, you’re perfect”, I sweetly whisper, as I nuzzle my angel and gently kiss her.

The room is enchanting and overflowing with love, as I cradle my baby girl and thank the creator above.